“Spiritual Garden”

Encouraging self care and mindfulness through gardening, providing users a place to buy and learn to nurture houseplants as well as learning to nurture themselves at the same time.

Graduating in the year of covid and trying to get into employment has been many things... I’ll save most of it for therapy and just say it’s been hard. One thing I stopped doing was designing, which created a lot of demotivation. 

Going into this second UK lockdown, I wanted to not fall into that same trap, so I’m giving myself quick design projects to keep myself going.

“Spiritual Garden” is Inspired by a Janet Jackson song. The song has been a comfort to me for many years and I felt the message rings true for a lot of people during this pandemic. Taking this as a cue, I built my concept around mental health and included ways I knew of taking care of it (journaling, practicing gratitude, meditation etc). The merger with taking care of houseplants came from the obvious trend of houseplants but also from research into how gardening can improve mental health.

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