HMV will host events in store from meet and greets to performances. Larger stores will be re- designed in order to fit stages and performance areas for artists. The most ambitious of the event will be a virtual concert. Inspired by singer Tinahse, artists will come into one of the HMV stores and dress up in a bodysuit and VR headset and perform a concert for thee fans able to purchase tickets to the show. However, everybody will be able to watch the show on our website and in all the other HMV locations as the show will be streamed live virtually.
In order to create amazing experiences for fans, HMV will parter with artists to create exclusive HMV content that can only be viewed or purchased in store. HMV stores will have multiple screens on the walls that will constantly be playing exclusive interviews, music videos, behind the scene videos and messages to fans. You can come in anytime the store is open and listen through your or our headphones to what is being played. As well as this, HMV will also work with artists to sell re-released copies of their music on CD and Vinyl that will contain, remastered songs, remixes and new bonus songs. These re- releases will only be available in store and will then eventually be sold on our website.
Finally HMV will also sell artist merchandise in store such as previously released tour merchandise. HMV will sell signed posters and will also partner with artists to create exclusive fashion apparel.

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