The first call to action within the campaign is the vinyl. The vinyl is a compilation disc of sex positive female rap songs and will be available to purchase on the Ladies First website. As well as being released in the vinyl format, the compilation album will also be released to streaming services and Ladies First wil host its own spotify and apple music playists.
When the vinyl is released at the start of the campaign, the promotion of the vinyl and the campaign will begin.
Posters featuring the artists included on the vinyl will be on display around cities and online. These will encourage people and fans of each artist to purchase the vinyl from the website which will spread the campaign around meaning more women will interact with Ladies First. After the vinyl release, events will be hosted (panels, concerts & club nights). Each event has a different crowd and will allows us to reach all different types of women again increasingbrand interaction.
Ladies First will relase a zine. This zine will be filled with information about self pleasure, common questions and more. It will feature profiles on female rappers discussing their work and the importacne its had on music, women and society as well as intwerviwes with these women.
The zine will be launched at the same time as the vinyl and will be availible to purchae on the Ladies First website. It will also be available to purchase at the panel events and live show.
The Rap Boudoir takes its visual cues from the reoccurring imagery in photoshoots, music videos, album covers etc.. of female rappers in lavish bedroom scenes.              The Rap Boudoir will launch after the the events have finished and people have been signing up on the website. The boudoir will be a pop up experience that the women will be able to visit.
The Rap Boudoir works in two parts. The first part; there will be a sex psycologist available to talk through sexual stimulation, female orgasms and self pleasure with each woman one on one. They will be available to answer any questions and queries women may have. The second part is optional and consits of all women stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers and photographers preparing the women in the pop up for a photoshoot designed to boost thier confidence and play a part in our type.
The type used in the campaign is a handmade, altered version of the “six caps” google font. The emblem which is normally used alongside the type is a series of ring that is inspired by the revered olympic symbol and a minimalistic take on female genitals. The aspect of unity comes into play as female rap is a collaborative genre that sees women building a major voice and movement together. The typface is also special as it will often (on digital billboards) be made of collaged images of female rappers. Again inspired by the collaborative nature of female rap. These collaged images that make up the type up will be constantly changing. The photographs taken of women in the rap boudoir will be added (if consented) to the collaged type meaning and all consenting particpants will at some point make up the type.

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